Jin Woo Kim was born in Korea. Ordained in 1993, Jin Woo first served a Niagara Fall Korean Presbyterian Church in Niagara Falls, Ontario. In 2018 he came to Centennial Presbyterian Church as senior minister. Jin Woo is married to Joyce Kim and together they are blessed with two grown children, Amy and Paul who are students at the University of Calgary and at SAIT.
Aside from his work in the church, his interests include playing the guitar, reading, cooking, computing, walking and travelling.
Jin Woo’s leadership at Centennial is aimed at helping and enabling the congregation to be what God calls it to be – a disciple community of Christ’s real presence here in Calgary. What that means in terms of our being together in worship, discipleship, mission, outreach, service and, yes, recreation and fun, is a work in progress. Jin Woo brings with him a passion for hospitality offered in the name of Jesus Christ. Welcoming those who are worshipping for the first time, encouraging strong community relationships, and making the Bible connect with everyday life are just some of the gifts he brings to ministry.