Our Beliefs

Centennial Presbyterian Church is a part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC).

At Centennial, we seek to be:

  • Biblical — We believe that God has revealed Himself in the Scriptures, which are without error and are completely trustworthy. Therefore, the Bible is our ultimate authority. It contains everything we need to know God and faithfully follow Jesus.

  • Historic — We are committed to the timeless message of the Bible, which was taught by the early church, and emphasized in the Protestant Reformation. The PCC is a confessional denomination. This means that we have a written confession of faith which we believe to be a good and accurate summary of the Bible’s teaching. Living Faith (1998) is our Canadian statement of faith.

  • Relevant — We believe that God’s unchanging message is relevant and life-changing; it is satisfying and fulfilling; and it is living and active. That means that the historic message must be communicated to each generation in contemporary language, forms, and styles that they understand.

Summary of Our Beliefs:

As Presbyterians, we believe in the triune God. In other words, God is one God, yet revealed in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that the Bible is the written revelation of who God is.


Baptism is a gift of God that we don’t earn or deserve. We can’t buy God’s love or do anything to get it. Rather it is God’s free gift to us. Baptism is a sign of this gift given to both children and adults.

When a child is baptized, they are brought by their parents to receive the Sacrament. It is our hope that the child will continue to grow and experience God’s love on their journey through this world. Parents are promising that they will bring the child up in the knowledge and love of Christ and the Church. It is necessary then that at least one parent be an active Christian and member of the Congregation as a sign that they are seriously committed to fulfilling this promise and are truly interested in their child’s spiritual welfare.


Communion is thanksgiving of Christ's live and death. It strengthens and unites us with Jesus and each other.  At Centennial we also invite children to the Lord's table and it is the parent's decision to allow the child to participate.