Current Sermon Series: The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer is probably the best-known prayer in the world. In the worship life of the church, and in the devotional lives of individual Christian folk, what are the words we repeat more often than any others? The Lord’s Prayer, of course.

Why do we pray this prayer together as a congregation each Sunday in our worship service? What do certain parts of the Lord’s Prayer mean? In this series, we will hopefully answer many of those questions. But, primarily, our goal is that we all might learn better how to pray according to God’s will, and thereby grow in our confidence that God will hear and answer our prayers (1 John 5:14).

Hopefully, as you journey with me through this series of sermons on The Lord’s Prayer, you shall grow ever closer to our God, and this prayer shall become more meaningful for you as you pray it in your personal prayer life as well as together with others during worship. I look forward to this series and our examination of that prayer which the Lord Jesus taught us. My hope and prayer are that through this series, we will not only grow in our understanding of what we are praying for when we recite this prayer together, but that our own personal prayer lives (and we ourselves) will be shaped and molded into greater conformity to God’s will.